bread and others 熟成鐵盒蛋糕-干邑果乾

麵包與其他的事 在 THE EVERYDAY OBJECT apartment 的八週年快閃店限定甜點


bread and others Aged Pound Cake - dried cognac

THE EVERYDAY OBJECT apartment 8th Anniversary Pop-up Store Limited Dessert

Mix a variety of dried fruits boiled with cognac brandy into the vanilla batter, pour it into the iron box, and bake directly. It is then aged in cognac for 36hrs.The packaging vision presents the process of the cake being full of wine and aged with simple lines.

Extra Info.

Client| @bread.and.others
Project | Aged Pound Cake Packaging Design
Design, Illustration| Neu
Photo| Neu
Release date| Dec. 2021

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