FUEL Brand Identity & Website Visual

" Fueling Unconventional Experiences Living "

「FUEL」由「9floor 玖樓」@9floor.co、「JC. Architecture & Design 柏成設計」@jc.architecturedesign 和「構築設計 / 聯合治作」@dotandassociates 打造,推出新型態居住品牌「FUEL Cabin」預鑄式木屋,由日本製造、台灣設計的全新的居住美學概念。

品牌標誌延伸品牌「開放、靈活、組合」的核心慨念,以山、海、城市、房子與平衡之意象構築,品牌標準字以現代簡約並帶有細節的風格呈現。品牌輔助色彩設定適合不同族群的配色組合 Boutique, Peaceful & Urban Exciting,可依照未來不同使用情境搭配使用。網頁視覺使用品牌輔助色,並在頁面右側 highlight 網頁重要的 3 個 CTA button「預約住宿、購買、土地合作」,CTA button 造型則呼應品牌標誌中的 山、海、城市之意向。

"FUEL" is created by "9floor" @9floor.co, "JC. Architecture & Design" @jc.architecturedesign and "doT & asscoiates" @dotandassociates, launching a new type of living brand "FUEL Cabin" ". The prefab timber house is a brand-new living aesthetic concept made in Japan and designed in Taiwan.

The brand logo extends the brand's core concept of "Think Inclusive, Act Agile, Build Modular" and is constructed with images of mountains, seas, cities, houses, and balance. The brand's standard characters are presented in a modern, simple, and detailed style. The brand's auxiliary color settings are suitable for different target audiences, including " Boutique, Peaceful & Urban Exciting ", which can be used according to different usage scenarios in the future. The webpage visually uses brand colors, and highlights the 3 important CTA buttons on the right side of the page " BOOKING, BUY & LAND COOPERATION ", the shape of the CTA button echoes the concepts of mountains, seas, and cities in the brand logomark.

Extra Info.

Client| @fuel_living   fuel-living.com
Project | FUEL Brand Identity & Website Visual
Marketing & Project Manager|@William0627
Brand Identity & Website Visual|Neu
Website |BRITEAM 光璨數位
Release date| Nov. 2023

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