NEUNEUHUANG Co. Business Card

NEUNEUHUANG Co. 名片形象面為米色美術紙上珍珠膜,呈現若隱若現的光澤,傳達工作室對於設計的價值觀,品牌設計並非單一成就設計者的自身作品,而是在客戶的需求與限制之下為品牌增添光彩。


NEUNEUHUANG Co. Business Card

The brand side of NEUNEUHUANG Co.'s business card is hot pearl foil on beige art paper, showing a looming luster, it means the studio's values for design, the brand design does not aim to achieve the designer's own personal works but to create luster to the brand under the needs and constraints of clients.

Extra Info.


Paper: Daya Paper - Fragrance Paper 350g
Method: brand side - hot pearl foil, information side - letterpress monochrome black
Print: Zhishi Co.

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