Grin - Diving Equipment Branding

Grin 為咧嘴笑之意,是一個潛水用品品牌,陪同每位潛伴愉悅地在海中探索。品牌標誌以夥伴出發,G 的光影像是在海中探索的一對潛伴,標準字融合了咧嘴笑的弧度與洋流的曲線。獨自的,我們是一滴水,相伴的,我們是一片海洋。


Grin - Diving Equipment Branding

Grin means a wide smile, Grin is a diving equipment brand, that accompanies every dive buddy in a joyful exploration of the sea. The logo starts with "partner",  The light and shadow of G are a pair of diving buddies exploring the sea. The logotype combines the arc of a grin and the curve of the ocean current. Individually, we are one drop, together, we are an ocean.

Extra Info.

Client| 進丹有限公司 Jin Dan Company Limited.
Project | Grin - Diving Equipment Branding
Design | Neu
Release date| Feb. 2021

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